Student Finance

If you want to make a payment or set up a payment plan for your tuition, accommodation or any other fees, please visit the Finance pages.

Student Finance payments are scheduled to be released once your course has started upon completion of the online enrolment process. New students must also log into Blackboard for the first time once enrolled. If you have not had your student loan, please access the Student Finance Flowchart to check and see if you need to take any further action for your loan to be release before you log a call on Advice Zone Online

If you are a UK or EU continuing undergraduate student eligible for UK student support, you need to reapply for funding for each academic year.

To ensure your student support is ready and waiting for you after you re-enrol you need to make sure that your application is fully completed by the advertised deadline.

Please note you can still apply after the deadline date but your application may not be fully assessed when you return in September.

If you have applied after the deadline date please make sure you have some cash available for the start of term to avoid financial difficulty.

For further information regarding your individual funding entitlement/options, please refer to your funding body.

If you do experience any problems please contact a Student Money Adviser – we’re here to help. 

Please contact your student funding body for further information regarding your individual funding entitlement/options.

An overpayment may happen when your student finance has already paid out loans or grants for living costs and other costs, such as childcare, and then reassesses the amount due.

If the amount of grant or loan to be paid has increased after the reassessment then Student Finance will reassess your application as soon as possible. Your instalments of grant or loan for the year will be increased to reflect the increased entitlement to support.

If the reassessment results in a reduction in entitlement to the grant or loan, the amount overpaid will be recovered in full from the next instalment (s) of that grant or loan. In recovery of payment it can also include any other grants which remain to be paid within the current academic year.

Overpayment due to Student Finance error

If Student Finance has made an error and assessed you incorrectly and this was of no fault of your own it is still part of their regulations to recover the overpayment made. However student finance should take into consideration the most appropriate method of recovery if you are unable to make the repayment in full. This is done by a case by case basis and we would advise booking an appointment to speak to a Student Money Advisor.

If you are a student at one of our Partner Colleges, please refer to your Partner College's advice pages to find out what support is available to you.