Interrupt, Transfer or Withdraw

A change in circumstances may affect your funding...

Here is a summary of what will happen if you transfer, interrupt or withdraw from your studies. For further information and support regarding your individual circumstances, please book an appointment to see a Student Money Adviser.

Transferring to a new course within the University of South Wales

If you are transferring to a course within the university, then you will need to notify your relevant student funding body to change your course details and any other details that have changed such as course duration. If this happens after you have started your current course, then you may also need to ask the Student Records team to submit a 'change of circumstances' request to your provider via Advice Zone Online.

Interrupting your studies for medical reasons

If you are unable to continue studying on your course in an academic year due to medical reasons, then we advise contacting your relevant student funding body and informing them of this. A student who interrupts their studies on the grounds of medical reasons can usually request an additional year of funding to ensure they have enough financial support to complete their degree. This is particularly important if you have already used your 'plus one' entitlement year. Your student funding body will need to see medical evidence from your doctor and a letter from the University to confirm your interruption of studies. Your funding will also be affected, as you may have received an overpayment for the term. You will also need to consider if you will still need to meet financial commitments, such as rent, whilst you are suspended. 

Interrupting/Deferring your studies for a whole academic year

If you are looking to take a year out, then you will need to speak to your relevant student funding body regarding the terms and conditions of your funding for the next academic year and how to reapply the following year when you intend to return.

Withdrawing from a course at the University of South Wales

Once you withdraw from your course the University will contact your relevant student funding body and confirm you are no longer in attendance. This will mean that they will stop your next student finance instalment. If you leave half way through a term, your funding body will recalculate your student finance entitlement and you will be contacted regarding any overpayment you may have received. You will need to consider how you will continue to meet any existing financial commitments, such as rent. Student finance will usually count the time spent on a previous course when working out student finance entitlement, if you return to studies in future.