27th November – 1st December is Estranged Students Solidarity Week, led by Stand Alone


The term 'estranged' means a person who no longer has the support of their parents (either biological or adoptive) due to a permanent breakdown in their relationship which has led to there being no contact with them for a significant period of time.

Here at USW we offer additional support to those who are estranged, which includes financial support in some circumstances and access to 365 accommodation if required.

Some estranged students may also be able to apply to the University’s Estranged Student Bursary. This bursary provides financial support towards summer costs, support at Christmas as well as help with graduation costs. You can apply to the bursary at any point in your studies and if you need any support in applying for the bursary or evidencing your estranged status to your funding body, please book an appointment with a Money Adviser.