This year’s National Student Money Week theme is “Sustainable Spending”. Find out how you can be more sustainable whilst saving money!


This year’s National Student Money Week theme is “Sustainable Spending”. 

Find out how you can be more sustainable whilst saving money!

Sustainable travel is more than trains versus planes.  It can incorporate getting around day to day as well as what we do for holidays. Bicycle Registration Scheme

When thinking of sustainable spending in relation to food, you should consider spending closer to home on goods produced closer to home and reducing food waste. Eating seasonal fruit and veg from local suppliers is a great way to do this, it is also often cheaper as is trying meat free for some of your meals.   Here are some tips on making small switches to more sustainable eating, try all of them or just the one to start making the switch to being more sustainable. Food

Reducing energy use is good for the pocket and the planet. It might not be the time to change energy providers, but that doesn't mean small changes won't make a big difference.  Plants growing renewable energy GettyImages-1225375936.jpg

Unsplash Image by John Cameron - Fashion Marketing SymposiumWhat doesn’t sit so well with us these days though is ‘fast fashion’, fast changes in fashion, fast production, items only worn a few times then disregarded. None of this is particularly sustainable, how can you make informed decisions about clothing purchases whilst doing your bit and save money in the long run?