Student Discounts

If you don't ask, you don't get...

Student discounts are everywhere – some are displayed and some are hidden under the shop counter in a file, so our motto is if you don’t ask about a student discount you don’t get one! Here are a few of our favourites, but please note we do not endorse any company and students are advised to undertake their own research.

Discount Cards and Vouchers

NUS Student Discount Card
Many students use their University ID cards to access discounts but this doesn’t work everywhere so invest in a NUS card. An NUS Totum card is £12 and on average a student can save £512 a year and is accepted as student ID everywhere.

Student Beans
Student Beans is a student discount website which gives you information on discounts and the Cardiff area. For further information view the Student Beans website.

Free Student Discount Card to Use at Businesses in Pontypridd
Students must sign up to a newsletter – for more information view Your Pontypridd

Money Saving Expert
Martin Lewis is the money saving expert and with help from the public he finds the best deals in the UK. For the latest deals and discounts we advise view the Money Saving Expert website.

Supermarket and Company Free Discount Cards
Many supermarkets and companies have their own saving schemes which can be free to join. Remember even if the discount seems small it is still a saving. Keep the discount card on you at all times, keeping it home will be worse than not having it at all.

Free Cycle
Don’t forget about the freebies on offer, websites such as free cycle can be amazing for things such as furniture and equipment. What another person may see as an unwanted item could be just what you need and it’s free. A top tip is be quick if you do see something as it’s likely to go quickly if it’s free.

Looking for the best deals when selecting Broadband or a new Mobile Phone Contract
If you need advice and guidance in finding the best deals for broadband and mobiles for students then maybe able to help you. Do not be afraid to compare deals, just take a look at this useful information in the attachments below provided by

Gas and Electric
Shop around by using a comparison site and look at energy saving tips.

Student Bank Accounts
Remember a student bank account will offer you better packages and give you an interest free overdraft. Make sure you look around for the best offer and don’t just automatically go with the bank you are with. 

Travel Discounts

Numerous students forget about the travel discounts they can receive by bus and rail, go to your local train and bus station and find out what they have on offer.

16-25 Rail Card
Student can save up to a 1/3 off rail with a 16-25 Railcard.
A top tip for students over 25 you can still apply for the 16-25 railcard and get the saving as long as you’re a full time student so fill a form out today.

Newport Bus SmartCard
The pass covers the normal Newport bus service routes and additional services such as Cardiff, Cwmbran, Chepstow, Abertilleary and Monmouth. The smartcard is available in weekly, monthly and annual card types. For more information please see further details here.
Students can receive great discounts with an NUS card on the Mega bus service if they are travelling to different parts of the UK. For information view the Megabus site.