Bicycle Registration Scheme

Sustainable travel is more than trains versus planes.  It can incorporate getting around day to day as well as what we do for holidays.  

Day to day travel: 

Be mindful of the mode of transport and opt for less polluting methods, like trains.  There are many different options for travel to campus.  Take advantage of green options such as walking, cycling, car sharing and electric or low emission buses which will often also be lower in price. 

Did you know there are cycling facilities at all USW campuses.  The Sustrans website offers tips and advice about cycling as well as information about the cycle networks available locally.  

Choosing some greener options for travel can also be a great way to keep active and improve your health.  Whether you want to try out new routes, strive to be faster, want to face a challenge, have better endurance or improve fitness, walkers, runners and cyclists can use a number of applications, including the following: 

Holidays and leisure: 

When considering a vacation, you could opt for the 'staycation' and holiday at home, taking advantage of activities close to home. The following websites provide a host of suggestions of things to do in the local area, many of which are easy on your wallet: