When thinking of sustainable spending in relation to food, you should consider spending closer to home on goods produced closer to home and reducing food waste. Eating seasonal fruit and veg from local suppliers is a great way to do this, it is also often cheaper as is trying meat free for some of your meals.   

Here are some tips on making small switches to more sustainable eating, try all of them or just the one to start making the switch to being more sustainable.  

  • Eat the season, so look at the products that are currently in season and use them during that time period only – you can often freeze them to use later in the year if you really enjoy them.  

  • Swap fresh for frozen, especially on items that you use in small quantities or those that are not currently in season e.g. chopped chilli and garlic, berries etc. See Save the Student for what you can freeze Food_Storage_Graphic.png

  • Take a look at apps such as ‘Too Good To Go’ . These make use of leftover food at local businesses. It helps them by reducing their waste and helps you by giving you often cheaper food but also the chance to try something you may not otherwise have done.  

  • Try meal planning, this can save you money and waste as you will buy just the food that you know you will use in the week. There is a beginners guide to meal planning here  

  • If you are struggling for recipes, try Student Recipes and Jack Monroe’s Cooking on a Bootstrap for new and cheap ideas. Or try Meat Free Monday for meat free meals.