Do you use Vinted or any other similar online sites to sell or buy your unwanted clothing items? 

If so, please state the site name and how often? Weekly, monthly, seasonally, please specify? 


Would you be interested in a ‘swap shop’ event on campus or virtually? 


Did you know that whether you live in Cardiff, Newport or Treforest there is on average 20 charity shops within the city centre vicinity?? Even buy and sell sites such as gumtree have a ‘Swap Shop’ section! 

How great does it feel to grab a bargain whether its from an online seller, charity shop or high street retailer? 

What doesn’t sit so well with us these days though is ‘fast fashion’, fast changes in fashion, fast production, items only worn a few times then disregarded. 

None of this is particularly sustainable, how can you make informed decisions about clothing purchases whilst doing your bit and save money in the long run? 

Here are a few tips! Think twice before you pay the price! 

  • Ask yourself, do you really need that top that will go out of fashion in a month or two? Items that are pre-loved may have literally just been worn once or twice with no wear and tear… that’s a no brainer, if it’s a good quality item and cheaper it’s a win win! 

  • It’s so easy to post your sold items now with Hermes points and other providers popping up in local newsagents etc 

  • Host a ‘swap shop’ with other students to save money, make room in your wardrobe and still look great! 

  • Shop smarter, invest in brands that promote sustainable practice, even Primark is moving towards a more sustainable approach these days! 

Could you challenge yourself to ‘NOT BUY’ for a week or a month??? Test yourself, put your housemates to the test to! 

Read more about what you can do as sustainable students in this Vogue article! Fashion_Graphic.png