Managing Your Money

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We are dedicated to helping you gain the knowledge needed to manage your money better and maybe gain a few extra money saving tips you were not aware of. Managing your money may not seem fun but it could mean that you have more money to do more fun things. The Money Charity provides useful money management tips and ways to save and increase your money. Check out their Student Money Manual for useful information.

Money Management Sessions are offered by the Student Money Advice Team if you would like to book one please contact us for an appointment. 

A student job can be a useful way to avoid debt, gain valuable work experience and help you achieve a nicer lifestyle. If you’re looking to reduce your expenditure whilst increasing your income, the Careers and Employability Service can offer advice on a range of part-time work available. It’s important to get the balance right, which is why we recommend no more than 12-16 hours a week of work alongside your studies. 

Beware of scams and report any suspicious emails/texts to Action Fraud and contact the Student Money Advice Team for further advice and support. 

International students in particular should be wary of criminals trying to access their bank accounts and should remain vigilant and question anything that seems unusual. We would encourage any student who fears their account may have been misused to speak to their university support services, banks and the police. Please also see the British Council Guide on Creating Confidence.

    Top Tips

  • Pay cash so that you have an overview of your money 
  • Buy basic instead of branded products
  • Put a list together before going shopping
  • Budget at the start of each month 
  • Spend only the cash you take with you on a night out
  • Buy in bulk so that you don't run out quickly
  • Don't buy every book, use the Library
  • Cook batches and freeze the rest
  • Shop around to find the best offers
  • Only buy what you need