Student Support Fund

The Student Support Fund can offer support to UK (home) undergraduate and postgraduate students studying on a University of South Wales campus* studying at least 25% and above of a full-time course **who are experiencing financial difficulties.  

EU and International students are not eligible to apply and should make an appointment with an adviser to discuss their situation.

The Student Support Fund can only assist students demonstrating a financial need. The aim of the fund is to help students who face financial hardship during their studies and the fund has been established to act as a safety net and not to fund expensive lifestyle choices. 

 If you have expenses such as expensive mobile phone contracts, holidays, gym membership, digital tv packages, streaming services (e.g. Netflix, Disney +, Spotify), or non-essential car costs, you will be expected to be able to pay for these yourself.  


There is an expectation that students have made realistic financial provision for funding their studies and have an appropriate level of funding in place before starting their studies.  Students must demonstrate that they have utilised all funding available to them e.g. Undergraduate Student Finance or Student Finance for Master courses prior to submitting an application.  

Students not in receipt of student finance must have adequate provision in place for tuition fees and living costs prior to commencing their studies.   


As a student, it is essential that you live within your means and take steps to increase your income and decrease your expenditure. Information on managing your money can be found here Managing Your Money | University of South Wales  


Applications to the Student Support Fund are assessed over the whole academic year so it is not usually possible to re-apply to the fund. However, if your financial situation changes, you can ask to be reviewed.  

Please note that an award from the Fund is not an automatic entitlement. The Student Support Fund is subject to review and as such, it is not guaranteed to be available every academic year or during the whole of an academic year.  If the fund is exhausted, it may have to close early. 

The Student Support Fund opened on Monday 3rd October 2022. 

If you are currently experiencing financial difficulties, please contact  [email protected] explaining your situation or you can make an appointment with a Money and Support Adviser to discuss your situation 

*Students studying at a Partner College should contact their own college regarding financial support funds.  

** Students must be studying at least 30 credits on undergraduate courses or at least 45 credits on postgraduate courses  

Please read the guidance notes carefully before completing your application and look at the checklist to see what evidence you will need to provide.  

 If you would like to get the form checked before submission, or need help with the form you can book  a Money Advice Appointment with a Money and Support Adviser. 

The Student Support Fund application form can be found here 

Completed forms can emailed to [email protected] 

Applications to the fund close 6 weeks prior to the end of your studies. 

Further information on the application process can be found here 

  • Have there been any changes in your income/expenditure since you completed your application or has there been a change in your circumstances (e.g. changes in employment hours, housing, debts)? If so, please complete  a review application explaining these changes and how they have affected your financial position, including any evidence. The Panel can then review the case in light of this new information. 

If you are unhappy with the decision made by the Panel, you may either appeal against the decision, or if your financial circumstances have changed since the submission of your application form, you can ask the Panel to review your case. 
  • If you are happy that all of the information contained in your application is correct and your circumstances have not changed, you may wish to appeal against the decision made by the Panel. 

  • If you would like to submit an Appeal, please notify us in the first instance. You will be offered help and support from a Money and Support Adviser with this process. 

  • If you decide to not meet with an Adviser, please submit your Appeal Letter outlining why you feel you should receive assistance/further assistance to [email protected], citing ‘Student Support Fund Appeal’ in the subject line. 

  • Once received, your appeal will be passed to the Student Support Fund Panel who will re-consider your case. If the Panel uphold their original decision then the appeal will be passed to the Student Support Fund Committee. 

  • If the Student Support Fund Committee uphold the Panel’s decision, then your case will be considered by the Director of Student Services. 

  • Once an appeal has been received, a decision will normally be communicated to you within 20 working days.  

  • As an appeal is the final action that can be taken by the Student Support Fund, you will not be able to reapply to the Student Support Fund in the academic year, regardless of if your financial circumstances change. 

If you are unsure whether a review or appeal is the best course of action, you can book an appointment with a Money and Support Adviser, who will be able to assist you. 

If you wish to arrange an appointment with an Adviser please book online.  

Complaints Process 

Students who have submitted an appeal and are unhappy with the decision may wish to consider submitting a complaint to the University. 

You need to provide bank statements for your application, depending on what fund you are applying to, there will be different requirements for the bank statements, so make sure you are checking that your statements cover the necessary dates. 

For all funds, you will need to provide bank statements that show your name, account number, all transactions and running balance.  

If you are downloading from your bank’s online banking or from the mobile app, make sure you are saving the statement in an appropriate format e.g as a pdf and not CVS file or downloading to Excel as this cannot be accepted. 

If you are unsure on how to get statements from your bank, please refer to this information sheet for more information.