Financial Difficulties

The Student Support Fund can offer support to UK students who are experiencing financial difficulties. 

EU and International students are usually not eligible to apply and should make an appointment with an adviser to discuss their situation. 

Please note that an award from the Fund is not an automatic entitlement. 

The Student Support Fund is subject to review and as such, it is not guaranteed to be available every academic year or during the whole of an academic year. 

The Care Leaver Bursary is for students studying at a USW campus, who are currently in the care of a Local Authority or have been in the care of a Local Authority three years prior to commencing their course.

Students who have disclosed that they are a Care Leaver will be contacted with information on how to apply for the Care Leaver Bursary and will be required to provide evidence from a Local Authority or relevant organisation.

For more information on the support available for Care Leavers please visit our Care Leavers webpage. If you would like to speak with the Care Leaver Co-ordinator please email

If you are a 'Home’ student, studying at a USW campus and have lived in hostels and homeless shelters with no fixed abode in the 6 months prior to commencing your course, or during your course, you may be eligible for the Homeless Bursary. (Please note that, as this is given to assist with Summer living costs between academic years, you cannot also be granted this bursary if you are in receipt of a USW Care Leaver Bursary.)

You will need to provide a signed letter from the Foyer/Homeless Shelter confirming your stay. If you are unable to provide proof please make an appointment with a Money and Support Adviser to discuss your situation.

A copy of the Homeless Bursary form can be requested at

The University is keen to offer support to student carers including a Bursary from the Student Support Fund, as it is recognised that caring often has financial implications (such as less availability for paid work and increased travel costs).

The Carers Bursary is worth £1,000 per year (full-time students) and £500 (part-time/first year March starter students) to eligible 'Home’ students studying on USW campuses, who are currently unpaid Carers in need of additional financial support. The Carers Trust definition of a carer is “anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support.” Please note that these duties would be in addition to the usual caring responsibilities that a parent would have for a dependent child.

Students who received the Bursary in previous years and students who have disclosed that they are an unpaid Carer on their 2018/19 University enrolment form will be emailed the link to apply for the Carers Bursary via their University email address. They will be required to provide confirmation from a person, who is involved with the family on a professional basis (e.g., Social Worker, GP etc) that they are an unpaid carer and current bank statements. Students who were previously in receipt of Carer’s Allowance will need to provide proof from the Department of Work & Pensions that this has now ceased.

Carers who are paid a salary in exchange for their caring duties or are in receipt of Carer’s Allowance would not be eligible for the Bursary.

If you have any queries regarding the Carers Bursary or would like to apply, please contact the Student Money Advice Team or email

If you need advice regarding issues which are having an impact on your studies, please contact your Advice Zone.

Students who have met with the University's Disability Service and have been advised that they need to have a diagnostic test,  but are struggling to pay for the cost, should apply for support via the Student Support Fund and note the cost of the test on their application.

Having had your assessment, if you are being funded by Student Finance England and are experiencing difficulties paying the first £200 towards your Disabled Student Allowance equipment, please note this on your application and provide evidence to request additional assistance from the University’s Student Support Fund.

Emergency Funding

Please book an appointment with a Money and Support Adviser if you are experiencing:

  • Problems with statutory student funding (e.g. Student Finance/NHS) and have not yet received your first payment and are in immediate hardship as a result.

An appointment with an Adviser can be made by visiting Advice Zone Online or by selecting:

Book an Appointment