USW and UK Government Statements on EU Students, Higher Education and Research following the EU Referendum

June 28, 2016

The University and UK Government have both issues statements regarding EU students.

Please see UK Government statement

University Statement

We know that students are wondering how the UK vote to begin an exit from the European Union will affect them.

USW is proud to be a University with students from over 120 countries, and we want students from across the EU to know that they are welcome, and will remain welcome at USW.

Here’s some updated information which comes from the UK Government, the Welsh Government, and the organisations who assess and distribute student funding, Student Finance Wales and the Student Loans Company.

We’ll continue to stay in touch with you and we’ll also post the latest information on the University’s website


Applying for funding

EU students who are eligible under current rules will continue to receive loans and grants from the Student Loans Company. This applies for courses they are currently enrolled on, or about to start this coming year in September 2016.

All EU students currently on a course or about to start one will continue to receive funding for the full duration of their courses. Information on the criteria that decide if you’re eligible for funding, including residency rules, is available from Student Finance Wales

Future funding arrangements with the EU will be determined in the next few years as part of the UK’s discussions on its membership.

*If you’re already studying at USW *

Loans and grants from Student Finance Wales for eligible EU citizens currently studying at USW will continue until they finish their course. This applies to all student finance from SFW for students in Wales for which EU nationals are eligible. It includes grants and loans to cover tuition fees (for those resident in the EEA for three years), loans and grants for maintenance (limited to those resident in the UK for at least three years), and some other grants and allowances.

If you’re starting at USW in 2016

There is no change to the rules applying to EU citizens who have applied for a place at university from this August. Student Finance Wales will assess these applications as normal, using the existing eligibility criteria, and will provide loans/grants in the normal way. EU nationals or their family members who are assessed as eligible to receive grants/loans by the Student Loans Company will then be eligible for the whole of their study on that course.

EU students’ Visa status

As the Prime Minister has stated, there will be no immediate changes following the EU Referendum, including in the circumstances of British citizens living in the EU, and European citizens living here. This includes those studying or working at UK universities.

The UK Government has been very clear that for students, visitors, businesses, and entrepreneurs who are already in the UK or who wish to come here, there will be no immediate change to the UK’s visa policies.


The referendum result does not affect students studying in the EU, beneficiaries of Erasmus+ or those considering applying in 2017. The UK’s future access to the Erasmus+ programme after 2017 will be part of wider discussions with the EU.

More broadly, existing UK students studying in the EU, and those looking to start in the next academic year, will continue with the current arrangements.

Horizon 2020 research funding

The referendum result has no immediate effect on those applying to or participating in Horizon 2020. UK participants can continue to apply to the programme in the usual way. The future of UK access to European science funding will be a matter for future discussions. The UK Government has stated that it is determined to ensure that the UK continues to play a leading role in European and international research.

If you have any queries, please contact the University’s Student Money Advice Team

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