Gambling Survey 2016

Gambling and Gaming, how is it affecting our students…

The Newport CAB Gambling Intervention Service recently surveyed students in higher education to gather information about behaviours.
Gambling behaviours showed 21% of participant’s gamble online; with half feeling they are spending too much time and money on this.
Perhaps the most worrying statistics is the amounts of students – the vast majority young people – are hiding their behaviours to family and friends, with 16% admitting to lying to their friends and family.
Gaming findings showed 67% of students played online games with 76% of them buying add-ons, 42% considered they spend too much time and money on their activities.

Why are students gaming and gambling so much?

The results are similar to what was expected. It highlights a number of key triggers such as money problems and loneliness.
Whether you gamble a little or a lot, whether it’s socially or know someone that may be taking it a step too far, we would appreciate your feedback so we can assess how we can best support students at the University of South Wales.

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