Common Student Finance FAQ's

Here is a list of our most common questions regarding Student Finance:

Student Finance Team Contact Number
Student Finance Wales 0300 200 4050
Student Finance England 0300 100 0607
Student Finance Northern Ireland 0300 100 0077
Student Awards Agency Scotland 0300 555 0505
European Student Customer Service Team 0141 243 3570

1. I still need to apply for funding for this academic year, how do I do this?
Please view our section on Reapplying for Student Finance for more information.

2. I have still not received my student finance for my first term?
Students must be enrolled on their course before a payment can be released by the Student Loans Company. No payments will be made until the first week of term. Once the University has confirmed your attendance to the Student Loans Company you will then receive it in 3 to 5 working days, depending on who you bank with. Payments will only be made if you have fully completed your student funding application (including your online declaration form – see below) and enrolled with the University.
If it has been over a 2 weeks since you enrolled and you have received no payment, please contact your relevant student finance body, as they maybe awaiting further evidence. A Student Money Adviser will be happy to assist you, if you are experiencing difficulties getting through.

3. Student Finance needs me to sign a Student Finance Declaration form, where do I find this?
If you applied online and haven’t sent back your Student Finance Online Declaration Form, log in to your online account and download this from either your 'to do list’ on the front page or under the 'View Correspondence’ section. The declaration is usually the last couple of pages of your Notification of Entitlement Letter. The Student Loans Company cannot make any payments until you have signed and returned your Student Finance Online Declaration Form by post and it can take a couple of weeks for it to be processed.

4. How do I find and print my student finance correspondence?
Log into your student finance account – you will need your Customer Reference Number, password and secret answer. If you have forgotten all your login details, you will need to contact your student funding body. However, if you know either your Customer Reference Number or password/secret answer and can access the email address you registered with student finance at the time of application, you will usually be able to reset it yourself.

You will be directed to 'My Account’ page. Select 'View Correspondence’ to see letters and emails sent to you. You will be able to print these if you wish.

5. I need to get my part-time funding application form stamped?
Please see staff list for both USW and Partner College Contacts

6. How do I give 'consent to share’ for an adviser to Student Finance?
Consent to share (CTS) is written or verbal authorization which allows student finance to provide account information, with the exception of your bank details, to a third party you have nominated. If you are not present to give verbal consent, an adviser will not be able to discuss your student finance application unless 'consent to share’ is already in place on your student finance account.
You will therefore need to call your relevant student finance provider and give them your customer reference number and details of your nominated institutional contact:

Student Money Adviser,
Address – USW, Treforest, CF37 1DL,
a password – we suggest ‘money’ or you can set up another and let us know what it is.

7. Student Finance are saying that I have an overpayment, what does this mean?
Please view our section on Being Charged for an Overpayment for more information.

8. I am a Welsh student, is it true I can get a partial cancellation of my student loan?
Yes this is correct please view our section on Partial Cancellation of your Student Loan for more information.

9. I am looking to withdraw from my course, how will this affect my student funding?
Please view our section on Looking to suspend, transfer or withdraw? for more information.

10. When do I have to repay my student loan?
Please view the Student Loan Repayment website which answers all questions about repaying your student loan.

11. How to do I find out about general student funding?
Please see here for information regarding continuing students. You can also view our prospective student funding pages

12. What funding is available to Nursing and Midwifery students?
Click here for pre-2012 information and here for post-2012 funding information

13. My mum has lost her job and our household income is lower than we told Student Finance, can I be reassessed?
Students whose household income has dropped more than 15% for the current academic year can be reassessed based on the current household income. For more information contact your relevant student finance team.

14. Are there loans available for fees/living and course-related costs for postgraduate study?

If you are an English-domiciled student on an eligible postgraduate course in 2016/17, you may be eligible to apply for a postgraduate loan of up to £10,000.

If you are a Welsh-domiciled/EU student, it is the Welsh Government’s intention to offer a similar scheme for new students from 2017/18 entry.

Please see further details on both scheme on our prospective student finance pages.

If your question has not been answered, or you have any queries, please email