Care Leaver Bursary/Homeless Bursary

Care Leaver Bursary

The Care Leaver Bursary is for students who are currently in the care of a Local Authority or have been in the care of a Local Authority within the three years prior to commencing their course.

Students who have disclosed that they are a Care Leaver will be emailed with information on how to apply for the Care Leaver Bursary and will be required to provide evidence from the local authority or organisation.

For more information on the support available for Care Leavers please view our Care Leavers webpage. If you would like to speak with the Care Leavers Co-ordinator please email

Homeless Bursary

If you have lived in hostels and homeless shelters with no fixed abode 6 months prior to commencing your course or currently living in a hostel or homeless shelter you maybe entitled to the Homeless Bursary. (Please note that, as this is given to assist with Summer living costs between academic years, you cannot also be granted this bursary if you are already in receipt of a USW Care Leaver Bursary).

To be eligible to apply for the Homeless Bursary you will need to provide a signed letter from the Foyer/Homeless Shelter confirming your stay. If you are unable to provide proof please make an appointment with a money adviser to discuss your situation.

A copy of the Homeless Bursary application form can be requested at