Book an Appointment

Please read the following information before continuing to make your appointment.

It will help us to assist you if you can bring along any relevant documentation and/or information with you to your appointment.

Depending on the nature of your enquiry, useful documents may include:

  • Student Finance Notifications showing entitlement to government funding
  • Correspondence concerning outstanding debts or charges
  • Applications forms or log in details for online applications
  • Correspondence regarding University scholarships or bursaries
  • Details about your current income and expenditure (including copies of recent bank statements).

You might also find the information on our Managing your Money pages helpful.

If you unable to book online, please call (01443) 483778.

Please note that Money and Support Adviser appointments can be booked to deal with all money related topics including Hardship Fund applications.
Hardship Fund Application appointments deal only with queries in relation to the Hardship Fund such as checking applications and evidence, queries around additional information and evidence requested.

Need to cancel your appointment?
If you are unable to attend your appointment or no longer need the appointment please cancel online via UniLife Connect or contact us on (01443) 483778 as soon as possible. This allows us to offer the appointment to other students in need.

Please note, personal data will be transferred to the Student Services online diary system and stored according to the Data Protection Act 1998. The data that you provide is kept on an independent server that is only accessed by Student Services staff and used for administrative purposes. Your data will be deleted in the summer vacation if you have not had an appointment within the preceding three years. By proceeding with the online booking system you are agreeing to your details being stored in this way.